Kuaförkur  aims to be the leading company of the hairdressing furniture industry with years of experience. Kuaförkur, which reflects the needs and expectations of the sector to its products and services at every point with its consumer-oriented approach, continuously improves all production and service processes by foreseeing new trends in hairdressing decoration. Combining its innovative line and modern production and marketing understanding with its experience in the sector, our company also aims to continuously raise the standards in the hairdressing furniture sector. Combining its products designed without sacrificing comfort and quality with elegance and comfort, Kuaförkur reflects its special models in wide product groups.


From Styling Units to styling chairs, from product stands to reception desks, from children's hairdresser group to VIP service rooms, from hair washing departments to laboratory cabinets, from waiting rooms to waxing and beauty centers, manicure, pedicure equipment to all other hairdressing salon accessories, Kuaförkur brings together thousands of products with different tastes and places. Considering not only customer-oriented but also working hairdressers, Kuaförkur continues to make a difference with its applications that make your lives easier. Providing all kinds of needs for barber decoration under the same roof, Kuaförkur continues to accelerate the sector with hundreds of new products and models and design meets you within the framework of the concept of hairdresser. Kuaförkur is rapidly progressing towards becoming a world brand with its unique designs and unlimited products. Aiming to bring our quality to all parts of the world with our European-based exports, Kuaförkur constantly raises the bar in product design and quality by following the innovations and technological developments in the sector.